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 Post subject: Scanners
PostPosted: 28 Feb 2006 00:14 
HAVP Developer

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HAVP supports following scanners:


Library is used directly, so there is no need for clamd running.

If you choose to use clamd (which is not recommended as library support has
less overhead), you need to enable AllowSupplementaryGroups in clamd.conf,
and add clamav user to havp group. Also MaxThreads needs to be atleast equal

You must check your antivirus license before using HAVP with commercial scanners. Usage might not be allowed.
We do not give any warranty and we cannot guarantee that all versions will work. Any changes in commercial scanners might make them unusable,
since the daemon APIs might not be public.


Only version 5.5 and earlier!

Tested with aveserver daemon found in Linux File Server and Linux Mail
Server package.

You should set ReportLevel=1 at [] section, so log will not
fill disk.

Trend Micro (Trophie)

/etc/iscan must point to the directory where and
virus patterns are located. Create link if necessary.

Trend library is used directly, so daemon is not required to be running.


Recommended changes to avg.conf:


heuristicAnalysis = 1
processesArchives = 1


# Raise number of daemons atleast equal to SERVERNUMBER/MAXSERVERS
numOfDaemons = xx




Tested with Linux Mail Server and Linux File Server packages.
File Server version can not display virus names.

Sophos (Sophie)

You need to make sure Sophie is working first, you can get it from:

Change user or group to havp user in sophie.cfg, so it can read tempfiles.
Also change maxproc value to atleast SERVERNUMBER/MAXSERVERS value!


Linux/Unix Servers version is required.

Recommended changes to avastd.conf:

# Raise number to atleast equal of SERVERNUMBER
daemoncount = XX
# Raise number to atleast equal of MAXSERVERS
maxdaemoncount = XX
archivetype = A
testall = 1
testfull = 0


Start arcavird with enough processes, like "arcavird 16".


Recommended changes to drweb32.ini:

; Raise number to atleast equal of SERVERNUMBER
MaxChildren = xx
PreFork = Yes

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