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Author:  maitchy [ 25 Nov 2010 01:48 ]
Post subject:  Statistics?

Since havp is a few years old now, is there any accumulated knowledge of how effective it is (e.g. how many viruses passed through and were caught later by some other software) or even what are the most common threats it catches? Some a-v software companies have stats on what the top 10 viruses are, etc... it might be very helpful to know how valuable this system is (in terms of deciding the delay and load on the proxy is worth it). I am particularly interested in stopping viruses that get to disable the antivirus software on the machine they infect (it seems sooo much more sensible to have a "safe" computer doing the scanning before the end-user PCs). So any anecdotal accounts of this software catching stuff that might not have been stopped on the (windows or whatever) PC running the browser would also be interesting.

Should havp log more stats? Should it have the option to report to a central database what is being found and where??


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